Hello everyone

keenonmaths.org arises from the need to put order on one side and communicate more efficiently on the other, a series of information concerning mainly Mathematics and Physics.

More precisely, you can find my proposals to solve some Mathematics and Physics problems, mostly but not exclusively at school and University level.

The engine that (hopefully) will keep the site standing will be your requests: the initial push to build the site came from a series of questions that were asked to me by several students of School and University but especially from those that come to me from my son, who started this year to attend the Scientific High School.

I will necessarily make a selection of requests, according to a priority that I will try to unveil in the introduction to the various solutions.

The site will be updated in my spare time, so the feedback time will be “calm”.

Ah, I forgot…

I work for a multinational microelectronics company, for which I deal with the design management of FLASH memories (which are inside most of all digital electronic devices, for example they are the heart of USB pen drives and hard disk SSDs).

However, I have always been keen on Mathematics and Physics; I like to solve all sorts of problems or find alternative solutions to problems that have already been solved by someone else.

See you soon.

Greetings to all.